Staff Report

A discussion about commercial cannabis regulation in the Santa Ynez Valley will be held on Thursday, March 28 from 7-9 p.m. at Stacey Hall, St. Marks Episcopal Church, Los Olivos.  

The purpose is to bring together residents, those serving tourists and those hoping to provide cannabis cultivation or other cannabis activities in the Valley.  The facilitator, John Parke, the 3rd District’s County Planning Commissioner, will have an opportunity to listen to various viewpoints prior to the Planning Commission’s first session on amendments to the current Inland Cannabis Land Use Ordinance on April 3. Larry Ferini, 4th District County Planning Commissioner will also be in attendance. 

The group will first focus on understanding the needs of those attending regarding cannabis activities.  The group will then discuss current regulations and what, if any, changes might satisfactorily address, in our Valley, these needs.  It will be helpful if those attending review current regulations for cannabis permitting and licensing.  These documents are available at

  • Land Use Ordinance:  Go to Zoning & Permitting then County Land Use & Development Code 35.42.075, Cannabis Regulations;
  • Business Licenses Ordinance:  Go to Business Licensing then View the complete Ordinance.

This event is being sponsored by WE Watch.

More information:  Nancy Emerson,, 805-693-1386