By Dr. Hyun K. Lee
Contributing Writer

Cosmetic acupuncture is slowly gaining awareness in the Western world but is nothing new in the world of Oriental medicine. In fact, cosmetic acupuncture has been around since 400 B.C. It is preferred over cosmetic surgery in China, Korea and Japan, not only for its physical benefits, but also for its internal benefits as well.

Your looks reflect your organ function, whether you look tired, sick, have dark circles, or other common appearance complaints. Traditional Western cosmetic surgery only changes the exterior look; it does nothing for your internal organs. Cosmetic acupuncture changes your body from the inside out, safely and with no side effects. 

Cosmetic acupuncture works from the inside, out. It cleanses and detoxifies your body, cleaning out veins, arteries and lymph nodes that store and circulate impurities that assist aging. In addition to this, it makes your organs healthier, dissolves fat in your body, plumps flat areas, tightens skin, changes the curvature of your figure, and returns the body to its original form.

Acupuncture controls the flow of chi and blood in the body. It creates a pathway for fat and toxins to be “guided” out of the body through urination and helps cellular split. When you age or are stressed, cellular activity decreases. Korean traditional cosmetic acupuncture uses needles to create more cellular activity and build up the body’s natural spontaneous regeneration without any side effects. Skin becomes softer and healthier, supple and tighter, and has better color and glow. 

Treatments are done once a week in two-hour sessions over a period of 10 consecutive weeks. Results show within 8-25 days, depending on how quickly your body naturally regenerates skin. Follow-up maintenance sessions are recommended once every 10 or so weeks. Results typically make the patient look at least 10 years younger. There is also a “light” version, whereby in one treatment you are given a little “lift,” which is ideal if a special occasion is coming up. It restores a healthy shine to the face, giving you a bright and youthful glow. This is typically done 7-10 days before the special event.

A lifestyle change goes along with cosmetic acupuncture. Eating healthy and exercising is, of course, always good for your body, but for those who have a more difficult time eliminating vices, Chinese herbs are also of great assistance. They help stop your cravings for things like sugar and alcohol, so you can more easily work on a healthier lifestyle. 

With restored health and beauty, you will feel more energetic and vital and be back on the right track to a longer and happier life. Internally you will feel younger and externally your face will reflect a healthy internal organ system and leave you looking healthy and beautiful.

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