Staff Report

Throwing axes, juggling knives, and munching down thousands of aebleskiver were some of the many highlights of this year’s Danish Days.

Led by Danish Maid Gillian Nielsen, the weekend of Sept. 20-22 began with the Torchlight Parade on Friday night, when people strolled by candlelight; continued with the main Danish Days parade on Saturday; and closed with the charming Children’s Parade on Sunday.

“It was so special to have four generations of our family all together celebrating Danish Days this year,” said Robyn Christian Moon, “from my Mor Mor (grandmother) to my daughter. My daughter Macie was wearing her cousin’s dress that matched my sister’s Danish Maid outfit back from 1996. It was so great to continue our family traditions.”

Since its modest beginnings in 1936, when a one-day celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Solvang colony’s founding in 1911 was conceived, Danish Days has evolved into a weekend-long festival showcasing the village’s heritage. The annual event includes authentic food, music, dancing, parades, live entertainment and family activities.

The 2019 Solvang Danish Days theme – “A Salute to Denmark’s Flag: Celebrating 800 Years of Dannebrog” – showcased the nation’s 800-year-old flag, called “Dannebrog,” which is the world’s oldest national flag, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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