Staff Report

Dunn School is beginning to experience rapidly decreasing air quality from wildfire smoke that’s making its way into the Santa Ynez Valley from the Thomas Fire in Ventura area.

Considering the dangerous levels already in Santa Barbara and the movement of the existing fire, we expect that the quality of air will grow worse in coming days, Dunn released in a statement.

Therefore, since Dunn is so close to the end of the semester, and after input from the school’s administrative leadership team, Thursday, December 7, is the last day of school before the holiday break. Classes will resume in January as scheduled.

“Our STEM Department chair Donna Frost brought to our attention that prevailing winds in the Los Padres backcountry would be funneling smoke from the Ventura fire down a canyon directly into the Santa Ynez Valley,” says Head of School Mike Beck. “As the day progressed, it was becoming apparent that the smoke was headed our way.”

“Because we have over 100 students who live on campus, we decided it is in their best interest for them to head home early,” he says.

Faculty will be working with students on final assignments and grades will not be adversely affected.