By Jessica Schley

Contributing Writer

Valley native Pete Healey has published his second book, “Evaluating Radiographs for Equine Foot Management,” written for fellow farriers.

The book includes dozens of radiograph images with angle measurements along with text explaining his extensive research. Written in a technical style, the book is meant for the equine professional but is accessible to any horse owner wanting to know more about hoof angles and horseshoeing.

Chapters include “Basic Understanding of the Radiograph” and “Understanding the Basic Mechanics of the Foot,” with others covering soft tissue measurements, dorsal wall length, tendon surface angle, laminitis, and much more.

Healey has been shoeing horses since 1979 and has been a contributing author for the American Farriers Journal as well as Ranch & Reata magazine. He regularly gives lectures with other farriers both regionally and nationally.

In 2002, Healey began a working relationship with the world renowned Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center. He is a certified farrier with the American Association of Certified Farriers and a graduate of Dr. Redden’s Advanced Equine Podiatry Course.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon. Copies may also be purchased directly by emailing