Staff report 

The artists of Gallery Los Olivos have found a way to use their unique skills to help home-bound people cope with the emotional challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Various creative approaches have surfaced to fill the time as people advance their culinary skills, study new subjects, watch YouTube on endless demos, exercise, pick up an old hobby, finish a long forgotten craft project, or practice creative writing. Interestingly, one of the things that has trended during this time are coloring books — not just for children, but for adults who are also finding them comforting. AdAge has called them “one of the key creative trends to emerge from the pandemic.” 

Gallery Los Olivos is offering a free online GLO Coloring Book on its website, with works created by its artists. Website visitors can print out and color the images. The coloring book is available at 

Since its introduction on May 15, response to the GLO Coloring Book has been very enthusiastic – as an activity both for adults, as well as children. Gallery Los Olivos has over 50 artists who work in all mediums and styles, and many have posted sample images to share. There are images for all ages and skill levels, covering a wide variety of subject matter. Anyone can enjoy creating their personal versions with crayons, or colored pens or pencils. 

Those who get the GLO Coloring Book are invited to share their colored images with on the Coloring Book webpage. To do so, go to “Please click here” on the webpage and email the image on a jpeg file.