From iconic film to pet care, Bo Derek celebrates another success

By Raiza Giorgi

The Hollywood lifestyle was fun for a while, and it earned actress Bo Derek an iconic part of film history in “10,” where she famously ran on the beach with elegantly braided hair.

However, even while being a part of the glitz and glamour, she knew her heart wanted to be in the country surrounded by animals.

“I took my first earnings from that film and bought a place in the valley. I had wanted to live here for so long and ride horses and have lots of animals. I have a special place in my heart for dogs, especially, and I don’t have a favorite as they are all like my kids,” she said.

Derek has lived in the community for more than 20 years, and she took some time to meet at New Frontiers on a spring afternoon to talk about her revitalized line of shampoos and conditioners for animals, Bo Derek’s Pet Care.

“I was actually working on a line of skin care products for people and as I had the chemists at my house I started asking questions about what was available for dogs. I researched a lot and found that most products aren’t the right pH for dogs and they are just chemicals that can dry out the skin,” she said.

Derek had multiple dogs at the time and they all lived inside, so washing them was a frequent routine.

Santa Ynez Valley resident Bo Derek had multiple dogs and they all lived inside, so washing them was a frequent routine.

“You should have seen me after bath day. I looked a wreck from washing so many dogs at once,” she laughed.

Finding the right formula for her pet care line took three years, and the final version came out at the end of May.

“I have people all around the world buying it already. It might have a little to do with my name, but I really stand behind the product,” Derek said.

The shampoo is an anionic solution with negatively charged ions that enhance the shampoo’s ability to clean and rinse out completely.

The conditioner is cationic, with positive ions to adhere to the hair and give a maximum shine and softness, Derek said.

“We came up with a face wash as well, to clean out all the boogers and tear stains without hurting their eyes,” she added.

Derek said that when people purchase the products locally from places such as Santa Ynez Feed and Mill, El Rancho Market or Nielsen’s Building Supply, $1 from every sale will benefit the Santa Ynez Humane Society.

“I love giving back to the community I love so much. I hope this contributes a little to our local shelter and that people go there to adopt and spay or neuter their pets,” she said.

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