Local studio celebrating 30 years of dance

SYV Star Staff Report

The Santa Ynez Valley Performing Arts Company, under the direction of Christine Fossemalle, will present its 30th anniversary celebration with a public performance of “An Invitation to Dance.”

Dancers from many years of instruction will come back to perform at 7 p.m. from June 22-24 at the Santa Ynez Valley High School Little Theatre.

Dancers will perform an excerpt from “Don Quixote” at Fossemalle Dance Studio’s 30th anniversary celebration from June 22-24.

The wide range of ages and expertise from the dancers associated with their mutual support and camaraderie makes for entertaining performances of ballet, jazz, hip-hop and tap choreographies. The enthusiasm for the challenge is delightful to witness, Fossemalle said.

It will be the farewell performance for 2017 graduates Victoria Arias, Isabella DeLeon, MaKayla Guillen, Harley Haberkorn, Alyssa Muller and Alyssa Richardson after years of involvement with the company.

“Unbelievable as you witness that your former dancers have now their children on the stage, and always exciting as you showcase another generation of newcomers,” Fossemalle said.

The performances have been made possible by a succession of outstanding current and previous choreographers including Stephanie Carsello, Ann-Jeanette Maldonado, Susan Manchak, and Sonia Ibarra Corona, she added.

Tickets are on sale exclusively at the Fossemalle Dance Studios in Santa Ynez. For more information, call 688-8494.