Flag is Up Farms holding sixth edition of the event, meant to showcase latest developments in the horse industry

By Pamela Dozois

The Movement 2023 will be held for the sixth year on June 16-18. This annual event is held at the California Horse Center on Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang.

Since 2018, Monty Roberts and other leading experts have been coming together at The Movement event to demonstrate and share their latest discoveries. The Movement is inspired by a love for horses, the ambition to impact their lives as positively as they impact ours, and the belief that together we can drive positive change.

“A movement started in the horse industry when horse owners began to have a clearer vision of how horses affected humans in positive way,” said Debbie Roberts Loucks, who manages the event. “Inspired by how interchangeable the lessons from herd behavior were, I’ve watched trainers, teachers, mothers, and managers become better communicators, leaders, and influencers for good. This year’s presenters are each amazing in their industries and they all have a vision of a better world, inspired by incorporating horses in their own story. They come to share that vision and build on it with participants who will take home a life-changing plan. Leaders may inspire, but only when people choose to act does a vision become a movement.” 

This year’s event will feature the starting process of horses, groundwork, ridden work across disciplines, riding a mountain trail course, and working equitation. From holistic health and hoof consults, to bodywork for the horse and for the rider, it’s all about health, happiness, and horses. 

“This unique event helps you better understand problem solving using violence-free training methods,” said Loucks. “People come and spend time with like-minded people absorbing what non-violent communication can be and enjoy discussions with Monty and students from around the world.”

A wine and charcuterie evening will return and lunches are included on Roberts’ renowned farm. 

 “Horses have unprecedented healing power and they help us learn, lead, and live better,” said Loucks. “Those who make the journey experience outstanding humans and horses who change the world, one heart at a time.” 

Flag Is Up Farms is at 901 East Highway 246, Solvang.  

For more information, call (949) 632-1856 or email debbie@montyroberts.com.