A big ‘NO’ to discounts for county employees

Recently our business was sent an email from Santa Barbara County asking if we would partner with them on offering a discount to their 4,600 employees. Here was my response: 

Dear Santa Barbara County,

We are already so beaten up by COVID and county closures, that government employees squeezing more discounts out of us is a stretch. Yesterday our total sales amounted to $171 for 6 transactions. The streets are empty here in Solvang. The “For Lease” signs are going up around us. 

Our employees sent home by the county and the government pay full prices for everything they buy including groceries. That includes the unemployed, those with pay cuts and those on furlough. 

So NO we cannot partner with the county and give your 4,600 county employees discounts. I will preserve that for our own employees and for people without jobs. 

However, I will say this — if you can offer an employee discount to all OUR employees for their county/city sales tax and property tax, I am open to discuss. 

Best regards, 

René Gross Kærskov 

The Copenhagen House