Solvang is not for sale

Contrary to many investors’ points of view, people’s lives do matter. Traditions and respect for history are not for sale. A Veterans Hall represents a beacon for those who served and have given their lives. Let’s not give into a phrase of “return on investment” for a few as it matters to the quality of identity for many. 

Robert Fermin

Santa Ynez


No fan of the ‘new brand’

In reference to an article by Chris Djernaes, Solvang City Council member. 

Mr Djernaes stated: “The new council and community majority are fighting the fading old guard to establish a new contemporary brand. Solvang’s new City Council and community majority reflect a new sense of shared, progressive cultural identity and vision — anything but the fading and stagnant status quo. Solvang’s new majority of residents and businesses want change.” 


Community majority, Mr Djernaes? I missed the ballot measure that gave us — the residents of Solvang — a voice about what we see as the communities’ identity and vision.

I believe your “new brand,” as you call it, is unwelcome here. I believe you will see just how unwelcome in response to what appears to be an underhanded attempt to undermine the residents that you took an oath to support. I’m referring to a proposed convention center and possible removal of the Veterans Memorial Hall in order to accommodate it.  

Also Mr. Djernaes, your unprofessional, demeaning, disrespectful and infantile behavior towards Solvang residents at the May 26 council meeting was unacceptable and deplorable, to put it mildly. These are the people you promised to represent when you took the office, whether you agree with them or not. 

Joanne Clark