Life lessons are part of foundation for college career

Staff report

Most 18-year-olds can’t wait to spread their wings and take off to college or other adventures, happy to say good-bye to loved ones as they embark on their new futures.

However, Caleb Wright of Santa Ynez learned the importance of family at a young age as his mother, Sarah Edwards, battled breast cancer.

“My mom is my strength and she is the most important to me. She has taught me to be brave and that time is short, so appreciate every day,” Wright said.

The senior at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School has been accepted at UC Berkeley, where he plans to major in mechanical engineering.

“I’ve always tinkered with things growing up, (but) I never really knew the name of what it was what I wanted to do,” he said.

He hopes to put his education to use by working on projects that help improve the world, such as helping people in remote countries learn about irrigation or working on medical innovations.

Wright was inspired after attending a cousin’s wedding at the chapel on the Berkeley campus. He realized he wanted to attend college.

“It really pushed me to focus on my grades and make sure that I was staying on track,” he said.

Wright was also a member of the baseball and basketball teams. He said learning team sports is an important role in school as it teaches kids to get outside their comfort zones and learn from their peers.

He got involved in several clubs and organizations on campus. He is the vice president of the Associated Student Body (ASB), was the junior class president, and was a founder of the science club and science fair.

“I think that science is really important and that people from all backgrounds can find common ground in science,” he added.