Valley native returns to do business, connect people

By Robbie Kaye

Claudia Miro is woman on the go. She loves to travel and bring back adventures from her experiences, whether from Peru or Seattle, for life or business — and she shares what she’s gleaned from her time away.

Claudia is a soul searcher and connector for people and their business.  She’s got big dreams and great ideas that she is passionate about bringing to the valley.

How long have you lived in the valley?

I grew up in Santa Ynez and Solvang and lived here until 18. In 1998 I graduated high school and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to go to college and play basketball. I moved back in August of 2013.

What brought you back?

Family, a need for grounding and a slower pace. Regrouping after having lived in the Andes of Peru working for an orphanage and other nonprofits there.

Where else have you lived?

I lived in the Bay Area, Cusco and Lima, Peru.

What kind of business do you have in the valley?

I own two businesses: My primary is a company called The Inspired Brand, that offers transformational brand strategy, design, and website design and development for entrepreneurs and organizations wishing to make a difference with their brand.

My second business is called The Network SYV, a small co-working space and entrepreneur’s hub in downtown Santa Ynez. We offer office, meeting and event space to locals on a flexible basis so that they can work, host meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops and more. It’s been a space for community, connection, creativity and entrepreneurship, and I love it!

What made you want to start the kind of business you’re in?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and a combination of small business, corporate and nonprofit experience as well as strategic, technical, creative skills that have all kind of woven together over the years. In 2008, I was laid off from an amazing job with a coaching and consulting firm in the Silicon Valley. Although I had already begun to feel disillusioned with the corporate world, it was a scary and uncertain time.

Like many people I knew, I found myself having to quickly figure out how to turn my unique set of skills and passions into a profitable business and survive on my own. I started freelancing quite organically as a result of helping a few of the coaches and consultants I worked with in my previous role, who were looking to start elevating their online platforms and build independent businesses through leveraging the web.

So I rolled up my sleeves, got to work, and C. Miro Consulting was born. I rebranded and launched The Inspired Brand a about a year and a half ago.

What goals do you have for your business?

My goal is to leverage my knowledge and experience and help many more people design businesses and brands with soul. I am excited to finally launch a few of my own online programs and be able to teach and empower more people to grow their online businesses. I’ll be launching a mentorship program and a DIY website course over the next couple of months that I’m super excited about, and eventually begin to host Inspired Brand retreats locally here in Santa Ynez and in other beautiful places such as Seattle and Costa Rica.

Challenges to overcome along the way?

I think my biggest challenges have come from overcoming insecurity and lack of self worth. Those have by far been the most painful challenges, but I’m happy to say the most fruitful and rewarding to overcome as well.

How did you get through those challenges?

My family, friends, mentors, teachers, healers and faith — in myself and that there is a master plan and a purpose for every person and every thing that happens to us in life. That “knowing” has gotten me through some very difficult times.

Lessons learned from those challenges?

I am stronger, and more capable than I could ever imagine, and I can truly do anything I set my mind and heart to. That I am always loved and supported even when I don’t remember that.

Do you have any mentors that you could tell us about?

I belong to several different communities and networks of entrepreneurs, women business owners, and coaching circles. Currently I have a business advisor who’s amazing through WEV (Women’s Economic Ventures) as part of their Thrive in Five program, and I am part of Alison Maslan’s Pinnacle Global Network … (among others).

What other things do you do to practice healthy living?

I have a very full plate and I run a lot of energy in my day to day, so it’s pretty essential that I move my body and take time to decompress as much as possible. I love yoga, Nia, Zumba, and other forms of dance, hiking, and taking boot camp-style classes. I try to meditate, eat sustainably and organically and generally try to be as conscious as possible in how I live my life.

What would you suggest for those who would like to engage in a healthy practice for living?

So much of what I’ve come to learn about health stems from having a true connection to your self, a relationship to your inner world, and healing anything that may have gotten in the way of truly loving yourself. When you love yourself, you honor your body; when it needs rest, when it needs movement, when it needs fuel.

Oh, and breathe … learn how to breathe, and do it as much as possible.

When you’re not working here in the valley, what are you doing and where?

I travel quite a bit. This past year I’ve been to Portland; Seattle and Vashon Island; San Diego; Boulder and Denver; and Costa Rica. This year will be a chance to reconnect to those places, and head back to Peru for the first time in four years, so that will be a special trip.

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