‘Lost Oasis’ from Zack Tolliver series lauded by Readers’ Favorite website

By Pamela Dozois


R. Lawson “Rich” Gamble, author of the Zack Tolliver, FBI, series of nine books, recently won a silver medal in Readers’ Favorite International Book Contest in the Fiction/Mystery/Murder category. The book is titled “Lost Oasis.”

“I’ve only entered this contest twice and won both times. I won a bronze medal in 2018 for my book ‘Canaan’s Secret,’” he said. “I got such great feedback from reviewers and fans that I decided to give it a shot and enter ‘Lost Oasis’ in the Readers’ Favorite Book Contest. You’re always hopeful but I was happily surprised when I checked out the contest results on the first of September.”

Readers’ Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the internet. They have an association with many well-known publishers.

“I primarily use them as a source of reviews for my books, other than Amazon,” Gamble said. “That’s how I found out about the contest.”

Gamble explained that it takes a year from the time the contest opens to when the winners are announced and medals are awarded. Several people read the book and judge it. Each book is assigned a number by each judge who is reading for that category and the book with the highest number wins. If there is a tie, each winner will receive the appropriate medal.

“The winners of the contest receive a wide spread of publicity in various media outlets,” Gamble said. “It’s a marketing tool to have won one of these medals, which helps to sell books.” 

In “Lost Oasis,” modern science and high technology come up against deeply rooted cultures and ancient rituals in this Zack Tolliver, FBI, mystery. Tolliver and his friend Eagle Feather, the protagonists, are called to investigate the disappearance of the world’s foremost expert on renewable hydro electricity generation. The story takes place in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park near a remote Chemehuevi sacred pillar of rock, the site of an ancient oasis. In this investigation there are repeated attempts on their lives – the question is why? And who? And it has a surprise ending you won’t see coming.

Gamble’s newest book is titled “The Curse of Matilija.” In this story Tolliver investigates a strange and toxic bacteria found in a cave in an ancient pot. How did it get there? Who put it there and who are the people who desperately want it? It’s a story of Native American cultures and international intrigue.

“I am in the process of completing another book in the Johnny Alias series titled ‘Johnny and the Comanche,’ Gamble said. “It’s the third in that series which takes place in Texas during the 1870s. I’m hoping for publication by the end of the year.

“Writing novels is something I love to do. I write every morning, rain or shine, 365 days a year.”

For more information, visit rlawsongamble.com. All of Gamble’s books are available in e-book and paperback on amazon.com or at most retail stores.