By Laurie Jervis

Contributing Writer


The Sansum Diabetes Research Institute has hosted Taste of the Vine for 13 years. However, this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers had to think outside the box but still highlight the wine theme. Hence, the “UnEvent.”

This Saturday, participants in the fundraiser are invited to buy a bottle to drink in the comfort of their own home and thus support the SDRI’s efforts to continue cutting-edge research, education and clinical care. While the deadline to purchase and receive a bottle of donated wine has passed, Taste of the Vine’s organizers welcome inquiries about sponsorships.

The Santa Barbara wine community donated more than 25 cases of wine to the 2020 UnEvent, organizers announced, adding that even during a pandemic, it is crucial that diabetes research continues, because people living with diabetes are at higher risk of a poor outcome from COVID-19.

The wines donated include those from Paul Lato Wines, Chanin Wine Co., GoGi Wines, A Tribute to Grace, Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards, Melville Winery, J. Wilkes Wines, Grimm’s Bluff, Verdad Wines, Foxen Winery, Lindquist Family Wines, Foley Wines and Grassini Family Vineyards.

SDRI was founded in 1944 by Dr. William Sansum, the first U.S. physician to manufacture and administer insulin in the treatment of diabetes. With a world-class reputation for innovation in the field of Type 1 diabetes, including the artificial pancreas system and diabetes in pregnancy, SDRI is broadening its area of expertise to address a range of issues in Type 2 diabetes in an effort to address this growing epidemic.

Click here for more information about the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute.

Click here for Taste of the Vine’s UnEvent online event page. Click here for more information about tickets and sponsorships.