Star Report

The Santa Ynez Valley Star has won honorable mention for the 2016 EconAlliance Innovation award, which will be presented during the Future Forum and annual dinner at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 3.

“The award committee selected SYV Star as an honorable mention due to the innovation of translation into Chinese, the tremendous content growth of the paper, and the community building aspect of the organization,” in an email to Raiza Giorgi, publisher of the SYV Star.

The topics will be “Nano, Bio and Artificial Intelligence – Technology that will Transform Your Tomorrows” and “The Future of Housing — It’s The Shape of Things to Come,” featuring Christine Peterson on the technologies that will soon be impacting our lives and businesses and Daniel Parolek on new concepts for today’s neighborhoods.

Peterson is co-founder of the Foresight Institute in Palo Alto, a think tank focused on beneficial applications of trans-formative future technologies. Parolek is the principal of Opticos Design Inc., a nationally recognized architecture and planning firm known for its leading-edge “Form-based coding” practices and for “missing middle housing.”

Event highlights will include a silent auction and the Innovation Award recognition.

For tickets and information, email