Senior: Drake Clark

Sports played at Santa Ynez:
Drake was on Varsity Wrestling his Freshman year, Varsity Water Polo for 3 years, and Varsity Dive for his Senior year.

Favorite High School sports memory:
Drake said his favorite memory was the trip for a Water Polo tournament in San Diego to play in the Cal State games, the experience of staying in a house with his teammates, and team bonding.

Post High School plans:
Drake will attend Weber State University in Utah and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering.

Favorite Coach, Mentor, or Teacher at Santa Ynez:
Drake said that Karl Fredrickson, Joey Norcia, and John Lastra are his favorite coaches. “The reason why I chose John Lastra and Karl Fredrickson is because they were very influential, they taught me how to be a leader and to push myself to be the best I could be when they were my JV Water Polo coaches. I also chose Joey Norcia because he saw greatness in me that I didn’t, so he forced it out of me.”