By Daniel Lahr

Executive Director for Central Coast Film Society

The entertainment magazine Variety recently published an article talking about how Tom Cruise has a serious need for speed. NASA administrator Jim Bridentsine tweeted that “NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film aboard the @Space_Station!” 

Plot details have not been revealed, although the website Deadline Hollywood reports that it will not be an installment of Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible” franchise. It is also reported that Cruise has been working with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and they were in the early stages of teaming up with NASA for an action-adventure feature film. NASA confirmed this would be the first feature film to be shot in outer space. 

Cruise is known for doing all his own stunts and it is expected that he will make the journey to the International Space Station for the film. No word on any other aspects of crew, equipment or other details that may hint to the production. Films have been made at the ISS in the past, but not a narrative feature film. However, Bridenstine sees this as a major plus hoping to “inspire a new generation.” 

The Central Coast has beautiful evening skies, which make our launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base all the more dramatic. But also, it’s a perfect place to spot the ISS orbiting overhead. So make sure to look up and watch the newest out-of-this-world filming location when cameras roll. Check out the schedule of flyovers at 

What do you think about the news? Looking forward to real space movies?

Cruise’s next film is “Top Gun: Maverick,” in which he reprises his role as Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a test pilot and flight instructor. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Paramount has moved “Top Gun: Maverick” off its July 12 release date to Dec. 23.

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