By Pamela Dozois

Contributing Writer

The Vikings of Solvang displayed not only their culinary expertise but their sense of humor and camaraderie at the Los Alamos Senior Center’s dinner on June 19.

A group of 35 seniors and other Los Alamos residents enjoyed a traditional Danish dinner that included a Danish medisterpolse sausage, a frik’adeller (Danish meat ball), red cabbage, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried onions, a sweet cucumber salad, and green salad with dinner rolls topped off with a layer cake for dessert.

While Larry Humburger, Bent Olsen, Dave Smith and Richard Kline busied themselves in the kitchen, making salads and preparing the dinner plates, Pat Cavanaugh, Rick Mathis, Brad Vidro, David Pebley, Jim Kelly and Michael White served the guests, attending to their every need with congeniality and humor.

 “It was a feast for the taste buds,” said Nancy Clark, Los Alamos Senior Center board member. “It is one of the center’s favorite senior dinners, which we anticipate each year. We appreciate them coming to the Senior Center and for what they do for the whole county of Santa Barbara.”

Following dinner, Ron Long, co-chair of the event with Olsen, read the Viking mission statement and explained to the guests what the Vikings do to meet the medical needs of the needy in Santa Barbara County.

The Vikings then sang a rousing rendition of “Han Skal Leve,” usually sung at birthdays and anniversaries, which wishes a long and joyous life to those in attendance.

“The meal was scrumptious and the Viking members were outstanding and so friendly. They brought a lot of humor to the festivities. They are a terrific bunch,” said board member Sandee Adams.

“We had a great time and a delicious meal,” said Sheryl Woods, president of the Los Alamos Senior Center. “We look forward to the next time they cook for us at the Senior Center. It’s always a treat and we appreciate it very much.”

The Vikings are a social and philanthropic organization dedicated to providing help with the medically related needs of qualified individuals and health care organizations in Santa Barbara County.

Along with their many other philanthropic activities, they cook their special Danish dinner for all four of the senior centers in the valley.