How long have you owned your business?

Coast Plumbing Solutions was started over two years ago, Coast General Contractors is seven years old, and Coast Welding was just started in January 2019.

 How do you stay motivated?

I have two little girls watching me. I want to show them that their mom can do whatever she puts her mind to, and they can choose any career path that interests them. Girls can help run a plumbing company! I also love what I do (oversee operations, financials, customer service, etc.), so I think that’s key to staying motivated in any line of work.

 What is unique about the service you provide?

We have always prided ourselves in providing quality work with the utmost in professionalism. For example, our plumbers wear booties in our customers’ homes and bring their own mats to set their tools on to keep their work space clean and be respectful of customer’s homes.

As a busy mom, it’s those simple things that make the most difference to me when I’ve invited someone inside to work within our home, and we want to offer the same to our customers. Our employees are all background-checked, wear uniforms and held to a high standard with their appearance, work and training, and it shows.

 How did mentors influence your life?

My parents, Bill and Kathi Hames, were and continue to be mentors in my life. They have worked hard, have always taken care of their employees and provide great service to their customers. They have long-time customers whose working relationships span several years. Also my husband — he is very encouraging in supporting women in business and is consistently researching, reading and developing new business techniques. He inspires and supports me.