If you were starting over from scratch, what would you do differently with your business?

If I was starting over I would have opened my own law practice long before I did, at the end of 2013.  Deciding to become self-employed was the best employment decision I ever made.  I love making decisions about my business and the best way for clients to achieve their goals regarding estate, probate and trust matters.

How do you stay motivated?

My personality type is strongly influenced by being a “type A” person and I always seem to be motivated to stay on top of projects and steps to reach goals.  I do use detailed checklists to make sure that all actions are achieved before due.

What is unique about the service you provide?

I am one of 16 estate and trust specialist attorneys in Santa Barbara County who have received the specialty designation by the State Bar.  The other 15 attorneys are in Santa Barbara, so I am the only attorney in northern Santa Barbara County with this designation.  Because people seek a specialist to make sure their documents are up to date and created with the goal to identify and solve problems in advance, I am in a unique position to offer this specialty expertise.

How did mentors influence your life?

I was supported and encouraged by other attorneys in Santa Barbara to pursue specialty certification in estate and trust work.  They answered questions and helped with motivation to take another full-day bar exam on the specialty subjects, and I have acted as mentor to other attorneys who have the desire to achieve this as well.