Staff Report

2,500 bike riders united by a common cause will arrive in Lompoc on Thursday, June 7, as they move past the halfway mark of a 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In its 16th annual ride, AIDS/Lifecycle rides to raise awareness about the continued HIV/AIDS epidemic, as well as raise funds for services related to HIV testing, prevention and treatment.

The Welcome to Lompoc committee encourages people to greet the riders as they enter town down Central en route to Ocean Ave. and then to Ocean Park for a break. They will also take A St. to River Bend Park for lunch and stay the night in Ryon Park. The riders will be greeted with signs welcoming them to Lompoc, and our “OLD TOWN” will be decorated with light pole flags with the same message, thanks to a grant from Explore Lompoc.

Thursday is a special day on the ride when many riders dress in red, to coincide with the red ribbon that represents AIDS. awareness.

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